Wearing A Pocket Watch With Jeans

A regular reader of my website asked me if I would include an article on wearing a pocket watch with jeans. So first up I am no fashion expert so please do not take any tips for me. Since pocket watches were invented men have worn them in waistcoats. When ladies started using them they wore them on a chain around their necks. Back in those days of yore, jeans had not been heard of.

However in today’s modern world jeans are indeed a very popular type of wear. So the big question is I guess can one wear a pocket watch and make it work with jeans? Can we combine the older vintage look with the modern jean wear? Of course we can.

As I said though there is no point in listening to me but I did have a look on good old YouTube to see what I could find. The first video I came across is one from an image consultant (whatever that is) Susan Bigsby but I did find it interesting.

Video of Vintage Watch & Modern Jeans

Have a look for yourself:

I think it looks rather good. Now she also pointed out something that I never knew about jeans. I wear a lot of Wrangler jeans and I have always wondered what that small pocket inside the main front pocket was for. According to this lady it was actually made to hold a pocket watch. Go figure, I had always assumed it was for loose change.

I did try this out and some of my watches do actually fit in. It will of course depend on the size. She also made an interesting point that the chain should match the colour of the belt buckle. That is something that I would never have thought of. No doubt that my wife would have kept me right though. Anyway I tried this out and many people really liked the idea.

I would not risk my more expensive Elgins but it does at least allow you to make use of your pocket watch instead of it just sitting around.

Another Jeans Video

Now as I was looking around I found another video from a younger guy. It would seem he disagrees with Susan in the video that I have already shown. There is nothing like a bit of controversy I say. It is certainly a different option but to be honest I think he is a little confused as well.

The Pocket Watch Chain

So one thing is clear you do need a chain for your pocket watch. The chain will have two ends. One end will attach to the pocket watch and the other to either your belt or to a loop. That will come down to the actual type of chain that you buy. Let me show you what this means:

Stainless Steel Pocket Watch ChainThis is a stainless steel pocket watch chain from Charles Hubert. In this example it is a 14″ chain and that is about the right length for wearing with jeans.

Have a look at the two ends though. The smaller of the two will attach to the watch, and the larger end could then go through the loop on your jeans and that would look perfectly fine.

So I guess Susan in the video was right enough when she showed her example.

Now you can also get a very similar chain but one of the ends will be different. That is the same style that the other chap showed in his video.

Chrome Finish Pocket Watch ChainIn this case if you look at the end of this one it has been designed to either tuck in underneath the belt. I have also seen some images of people who actually clip this on to the belt.

So in my humble opinion they are both right. As far as it goes I don’t think it makes a great deal of difference. What this chain will allow people to do is to get some use out of a pocket watch that they may simply have sitting around.

It is stylish enough looking I think and certainly looks fashionable to me. All of these chains come in a whole range of materials so if you want one to match your belt buckle that should be easy enough to do.

You can even get these in leather if you want to match them up with a belt. So folks there you have it and now you should know a little more about wearing a pocket watch with your jeans.

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