Men’s Pocket Watches Styles

Welcome and thanks for reading my article about men’s pocket watches styles. Wrist watches are very popular with the younger generations. More recently though, pocket watches have come back on the scene with a bit of a bang. More younger people are now starting to wear these.

The classic look is to have these attached to a chain, and then kept in a waistcoat pocket. This has been the classic wearing style for many years, and dates way back to the days of the American railroads. This is of course where Elgin first began along with other great brands such as Waltham. Today the most popular brands include the following.

Men’s Pocket Watches Styles – The Brands

  • Charles – Hubert
  • Royal London
  • Rotary
  • Ruhla Garde
  • Stuhrling
  • Bulova
  • Festina
  • Woodford
  • Sekonda
  • Tissot
  • Lorus
  • Catorex

There are of course other brands, but these are the leading and most popular brands, available in the market place today. They are starting to increase in popularity. Given the range of brands available, the options and styles vary greatly. Traditionally these were associated with the older generation but that is no longer the case.

Men of all ages are starting to use and wear pocket watches as a fashion accessory. They are starting to appreciate both the look, and the time keeping accuracy of a good quality pocket watch. They are also highly popular as a great idea for a wedding present.


Men’s Pocket Watches Styles– General Information

Pocket watches are essentially analogue watches that are supposed to be carried in a person’s pocket. They will usually have a chain attached to them. Some however are simply carried loosely in the pocket. In general terms there are two different types known as an open-faced watch or a hunter watch.

The open-faced watch simply means there is no cover, and as such the face is on view all of the time. A “hunter” watch will always have a cover and typically this will have a spring type of hinge. If it is a glass fronted cover then the term used is a “half-hunter or a “demi-hunter.”

However when the face is fully covered it is known as a hunter as the face cannot be seen. Traditionally all pocket watches were wound up by hand and this is still available today. For those who do not want the inconvenience of doing this, then you can purchase men’s pocket watches that run on batteries.

Men’s Pocket Watches Styles– Stem and Jewel Movements

When pocket watches were first made a key was required to actually wind them up. As technology advanced then a stem wind was introduced that is still used today. There have been a few other variations but you will only find these in antique pocket watches. For me the most important part of a watch is the one that ensures good time-keeping.

This is the prime purpose of a watch and is called the jewel movement. It is a popular misconception that jewels add to the value of a watch but this is simply not true.
Jewelled Movements

Essentially any good quality pocket watch will have a jewelled movement. In the very early days these were either rubies, sapphires or even diamonds. However for the last 100 years plus, these have been replaced with synthetic stones sometimes known as corundum.

These corundums are hard wearing and extremely smooth. Those are of course, two attributes perfect for the smooth running of a watch movement. In simple terms they will last a long time and also have very low degrees of friction. It is this lack of friction that will add many more years of life to any type of movement.

The jewels are typically the shape of a doughnut and the metal pieces rest on these jewels rather than have a direct metal to metal contact.  As such friction is almost taken entirely out of the equation.

There are three types of jewels in a watch:

  1. Hole jewels
  2. Cap jewels
  3. Pallet jewels

They all serve slightly different purposes but in essence their purpose is to reduce friction and allow for the smooth running of the watch. The most common types of men’s pocket watches styles will have either 7, 15, 17, 19, 21 or 23 jewels.

You will only ever find 7 jewels in a really old watch. The general opinion is that the more jewels then the better the watch, though this is not actually true. Like everything in life the value comes down to a number of things but a high quality watch should have between 17-23 jewels.

Men’s Pocket Watches Styles – Gift Ideas

Men’s pocket watches are very popular to give as wedding presents, at graduations or moments of note in a man’s life as they are a great keepsake. We gave our Grandfather one as an 80th birthday present and I have never seen anyone so happy to receive one.

They can easily be engraved on the back to make it more personal but you should be aware that this can impact on the value later in its life.

They are available as a gold pocket watch or a silver pocket watch and I have seen some made from chrome and enamel though these are unusual. All good jewellers will stock a supply of men’s pocket watches so it is a matter of how much you want to spend.

The prices will start as low as $25 but for anything of good quality you would pay around $100-150 for a quality timepiece.

You can also purchase a selection of fobs, chains, pendants and covers for these pocket watches to enhance the purchase and these offer alternate gift ideas for those with a limited budget.

These accessories and men’s pocket watches are also readily available online from many of the leading retail stores.

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