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Many people prefer to watch Elgin videos rather than read long articles. For those of you who are like that, then you should enjoy this page a lot. I have pulled together a few of my favorite videos that I think are also really useful. Here you will see various people from YouTube showing you different aspects of watches that they own or have had repaired.

Video 1 – Review of an 1899 Elgin Pocket Watch

It is an interesting video submitted by J. Anthony. It is a pretty nice looking watch and he is right it is not that expensive to start a great collection of great looking Elgin watches. If you keep a close eye on yard sales you can really pick these up for very little money. In almost all cases, even if they are not working, the repair for these is usually really straightforward.

I have picked about 4 up at old yard or garage sales and all of them have either needed a little work or maybe something like a face replaced. I would recommend doing that. Please be careful at auctions though as unless you have a great deal of knowledge, you can easily get caught out and end up over paying.

Video 2 – Elgin Pocket Watch – Before and After A restoration – 1887

The guy he sent this to get repaired and restored has done a fantastic job. Clearly he knows what he is doing. This does require a pretty high level of expertise. Any antique watch is not something that you should dabble with. If you are not certain of its value, then read my general evaluation guide here, That will really help figure out whether it is worth taking to someone to get it fixed.

Video 3 – Taking Apart a B.W Raymond Elgin Pocket Watch

I love watching people taking apart watches. I have no idea why but I just do. The lever mechanisms are just fascinating to watch. The camera used to make this video was very clear indeed. Once again I would refrain from trying this yourself unless you are pretty certain the value is low. Sadly I do remember taking apart an old Waltham and making a mess of it. I will never forget the look of disdain I got from the jeweller when I eventually brought it to him for repair. I will also not forget what I was charged.

Video 4 – 1919 Elgin Pocket Watch Size 18

Video 5 – Elgin Pocket Watch 18 Size

In this video you will see this Elgin’s inner movement in full working order. I have to say that it looks like someone has done a super job of restoring this timepiece.

Video 6 – The Classic BW Raymond Elgin

In the video above, this chap talks us through the classic railroad grade pocket watch. The video lasts a couple of minutes and you can see it is a classic watch in every sense of the word. It also looks at the sidebar and why it is classed as a proper railroad grade. This has to be one of my favourite watches. The movement is beautiful with its 21 jewels.

Video 7 – Solid Gold 14K Pocket Watch

Another beautiful watch and one that certainly looks different to the norm.

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