Elgin Pocket Watch Value – How To Figure It Out

Attempting to find the Elgin pocket watch value for an individual watch is not an easy thing to determine. There are quite a number of things to understand when working out the true and actual pocket watch value. There are a large number of variables that can impact on the worth such as condition or working parts. I shall cover this off in the information below.

Locate The Serial Number

The single most important factor when you are trying to determine the value is to locate the serial number. This will be the one that is on the inner movement of your watch. Once you have this important number then you can find the date when the watch was made.

Please don’t use the serial number on the case of the Elgin watch.

This holds no relevance and only the one on the movement is of any significance. Many people make this initial mistake and then struggle to determine the watch’s true age and potential value.

Just remember that the serial number we require can be found on what is often referred to as the workings of the watch or the actual movement. Once you have this then make a careful note of this by writing it down.

From this one number we are able to find the age, grade and quality of the Elgin watch that you have. That is a really useful starting point and one that can not be disputed.

A general rule of thumb here is that the lower the serial number is then the older and more valuable the watch actually is. This is not strictly true in all cases but it is a good guide for placing original values and estimates. There are other determining factors for the evaluation of your watch but as a general guiding principle the older the better.

Elgin Pocket Watch Value – Understanding The Serial Number

Before the 1930’s Elgin used a number as its identification method. However, as they continued to produce these time pieces, they introduced a lettering system around the 1930’s. Elgin put these letters in front of their serial numbers and it is very important to understand these.

If your watch has a serial number beginning with a letter, then you will have to determine the million’s digits to get to the full Elgin Pocket Watch serial number. Thankfully that is not that difficult to do.

Letter Millions Digits

  • C,E,T,Y 42
  • X 38 or 39
  • L 43
  • U 44
  • J 45
  • V 46
  • H 47
  • N 48
  • F 49
  • S 50
  • R 51
  • P 52
  • K 53
  • I 54

Elgin Pocket Watch Value Explained

Hopefully that has made things a little easier. If not you can then refer to the Elgin pocket watch serial numbers article for further information. This should help you ascertain what type of Elgin watch you have and give you an indication of the true Elgin pocket watch value.

There is a separate article on this website about the serial numbers which contains a table and an explanation of how to use this table to determine age. You can read that by clicking here.

Elgin pocket watch value can vary a lot. I have seen these watches go for as little as $25 and the highest I have seen one sell was for $11,750. I have read that they can reach up to $25,000 so a great item to have in your watch collection. I own several Elgin pocket watches and they all have different values.

pocketwatch value

The value is always much better if they are actually working, keep accurate time and have the original box. These increase the Elgin pocket watch value as do any type of sale’s information or history. There is a very good article here on how to appraise your Elgin watch to see what issues actually impact on the value of your watch.

Elgin Pocket Watch ValueYou might also be surprised to find out that Elgin pocket watches turn up in the most surprising of places. I was in a small pizza restaurant in Rome the capital city of Italy having a lunch.

I noticed a few old pocket watches inside a small glass cage behind the counter. I asked if it was possible to have a look. With a few translation skills I finally got a look at them and one of those was an Elgin pocket watch.

I am a sucker for something that I like and this particular one was a 1902 Elgin ladies Gold Filled Hunters watch. It had some slight damage on the outer case but not much.

After a little haggling and with my wife shaking her head in disbelief at the state of my Italian, I managed to negotiate a deal. I bought if for 50 Euros, which was around £40 or $60. All things being equal not a bad deal as I know that watch can easily sell today for $150.

It is always a good idea to know a little about the overall history of the Elgin pocket watch. You can read about that by clicking on this link.

I don’t have any real intention to sell this as I love the watch. It also now has memories of a great holiday. The owner of the restaurant had no idea how he came to own it which was a pity. I like to know and understand the history of the items that I buy, especially antiques.

The one thing you can be certain about, is that if you have a watch then the Elgin pocket watch value should at least be determined, as you could be sitting on something worth quite a few dollars.

It is very difficult to determine any exact value as in essence it all comes down to what the market is willing to pay for it. At any given point in time value is impacted by supply and demand and in times like recessions the value of almost all antiques will drop as disposable income reduces.

Collectors are also a strange breed so where you plan to sell your watch is very important. Trust me on this, if you get three Elgin collectors in the same venue it is almost certain you will get a great price.  If on the other hand you are selling your watch at a public auction with no Elgin collectors there, then your price will be much less.

If you have read my appraisal article you will also understand the key things that can impact on the value of your pocket watch. These are very important to understand.  Much as I would like to offer an evaluation here on this website it is simply just not possible to do.

There are just so many different things to be considered and attempting to do an evaluation without having the watch in my hand would be completely misleading and would probably be inaccurate.

I do hope you understand this as the only way to get a real and accurate value is to take you watch to an expert who will be able to give you an insurance value, a retail value and a potential auction value. I hope that you have found this article on Elgin pocket watch value useful and informative.

I did find an online source who will value your watch for a small fee. You can visit their website by clicking here. When you go there, they will want to see an image of your Elgin pocket watch. They also do other antique valuations as well. These are completed by their teams of experts, and not by anyone here at the Elgin Pocket Watch website.

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102 thoughts on “Elgin Pocket Watch Value – How To Figure It Out

  1. I have a Elgin Pocket Watch serial# 15574015. I was told that it is a 21 Jewel, lever set, 5 position adj., size 18, veritas. I would like to know what all this means, and what value it has, if possible. It will be handed down to my Son, and any information I could give him would be greatly appreciated! Thank-You! Dave.

    • Hi Dave, sounds like a beautiful Elgin watch you have. Sadly there is no way I would even attempt to value it because I would be doing it an injustice. If it’s a 21 jewel, 5 lever is is a very good watch and you need to get it valued by a good jeweller. You should do that anyway for insurance purposes. The terminology I will explain and I will do that in a post rather then here as the explanation is detailed.

  2. I have an Elgin Pocket watch that was my Dad’s in yellow gold.Inside case has a # on it. How can I find out the value of this watch?

    • Hi Mike, I would recommend an auction room, an antique dealer or a respected jeweller. You probably should get a quote even for insurance purposes.

    • The value is determined by the serial # on the movement itself. (Inside the case) The serial # is how it’s identified and you can actually refer to the Elgin company site to find out more details. I would suggest this even before taking it to an individual for appraisal.

  3. I have an Elgin pocket watch S/N L759203. Can you give me an estimate of the value on this watch???

  4. I have an Elgin poket watch that I have bought for $10 .i wanted to know how old and anything on this watch. The serial # on the movement case is 8654846. Also on the case it has the stamp on the inside back cover [warranted 14FK 25 years with number 5960085. Also on the movement case it also says 15 jewels. I also had to fix the hands on it and wind key. Thanks for all your help.

  5. I have a Elgin Grade 10, class 5, model 2-4, size 18, 11 jewel, made around 1879. Serial #612262
    Does anyone know ballpark value? I have a quote for $268 just to repair, but I don’t think it’s cost of repair.

  6. I just receivedmy dads Elgin pocket watch that he received from his grandpa. Serial number on the guts is 7407081. Just curious about the value? Overall, the condition is very good. It runs, the glass cover is intact and no observable signs of damage..just common wear. Pat Feb. 19th 1884. 15 Jewels. Please advise! Thank you!

  7. I have an Elgin Pocket Watch in coin silver case serial # 5870539 in working condition. what is its value???



  8. I have an Elgin Pocket Watch that my grandmother gave me. The serial number on the inside is 6787486. Can anyone tell me the year and value of this watch?

  9. Really like your site…I have an Elgin 14K gold pocket watch…how do I open it to find the serial number. Thanks so much

  10. I have an Elgin Pocket watch with the serial number 13382543 on the workings and I was wondering how do I find the value of it, if it’s worth anythign at all ? Any help would be be greatly appreciated! Thank you and God Bless.

  11. My Elgin isn’t gold or any other precious metal that I’m aware of. Certainly haven’t found any precious metal stamps. The serial number on the inner workings is 12873218 and says 7 jewels underneath the s/n. Right above that on the outer rim is another number, 36687 and about 90 degrees to the right, almost under the winding mech is this number,859-7 The inner cover (not case, but moving parts cover) says Guaranteed, J Boss inside a football shaped design, then 20 years under that. Under that depiction there is an Urn shape with a “O” inside a “C”, then another s/n 7636687. On the same inside cover there looks to be hand engraved numbers. One is below the s/n and it is 2982E and the other is at about 10 oclock (upper left) and is T04305 or To 4.305. Yet again, on the same inner cover, there’s another number. This one is at 9 oclock and in the inner lip of the cover. It’s 13942 and by far the hardest to see. Ok….on the outer back casing there is Keystone Watch case, the same urn symbol then the sign of libra or the scales of justice. Then the same s/n 7636687, but above all of those is another hand engraved number, t3262. On the casing that covers the watch faced is, again, 7636687. The outside of the case is in decorative floral patterns and is center engraved K M. I’m sorry if this is confusing. I tried to be as descriptive as possible. Thank you so much for any and all information on this watch. As far as I could tell using the chart, I think it’s date 1903, but I’m not sure.

  12. On the serial number, if I understand correctly, if my watch has a “P” in front of the 6 digit S/N I add “52” in front of it. Also, this will mean it was made in 1952? Am I correct?
    In other words, my S/N of “P672670” is really “52672670” and was made in 1952.
    By-the-way, mine is a model 616.

  13. I have an estate sale find Elgin Wadsworth Pilot Pocket Watch Circa 1900 according to the serial # 9515650 on the movement (no letters) and would like to sell but don’t know the value. The case is in excellent condition. Has no crystal and only an hour hand. It wants to run, but I think it may have been overwound at some point. If I tap on the side of it the wheels move on the movement for a few seconds and then stops again. Any help? Thanks!!

    • I would say 1901 is the date. I would also agree that it seems to have been over wound which is a common enough mistake so likely the main spring may be damaged and needs replaced. Check locally for someone who may do antique repairs and ask for an estimate from them.

  14. i have a 14k gold ladies pocket watch, the brand is elgin.tha serial number is 10015347,on the back of the case the number is 802105 if you can tell me what it is worth i would appreciate it.

    • Hi Larry thanks for your question about the Elgin pocket watch that you have. It is impossible to give you a valuation for your watch without actually seeing it. The value of your watch comes down to many different things such as age, condition, is it working, number of jewels and many other things. If you read my article on Elgin Pocket Watch value that will really help. I would also suggest reading the Appraisal article before taking ti to get valued.

    • Hi Gary
      Sorry for the delay in replying.
      The important serial number is the one on the movement which is 10015347? If so your watch is dated around 1903 and ladies watches are valuable.Unfortunately I can never give estimated values as I do this for a hobby and not as any type of expert. The only way to get a real value is to take it to an expert.

  15. I received my Dad’s Elgin (Silver) pocket watch that he received from his Grand Dad! It has a number on back of cover which is 9087993 and a 13960431 on back of watch. Shows to be 15 jewels! What is the year manufactured and what is the worth. Very good shape, works, just normal wear!

  16. Hi, i have a pocket watch with below details. is it a female or male pocket watch and what would it be worth?

    Thankyou in advance

    Elgin Serial Number : 2368969
    Production Year : 1887
    Size : 18s
    Jewels : 15-17 jewels
    Grade : 75
    Model : 5
    Class : 9
    Run Quantity : 5000
    Production Dates : 1886 to 1895
    Total Grade Production : 98000
    Movement Configuration : Open Face
    Movement Setting : Pendant Wind and Set
    Movement Finish : Gilded
    Plate : Full Plate
    Barrel : Going Barrel
    Adjusted : No
    Marked For : George M. Wheeler

    • Hi Sam

      Unfortunately I can never give estimated values as I do this for a hobby and not as any type of expert. The only way to get a real value is to take it to an expert.

      The year could be 1886 I think but certainly within the first 20 years when Elgin started producing watches. If I was buying this it would be around the $350 type of value if working.

  17. Hi I have a ELGIN pocket watch. with SN 24670432 I think the year for it is 1921. with the back case that haves Illinois watch case co. Elgin USA guaranteed Giant 20 years 3341200 stamped inside it. I want to know about it. is the case gold? Want to know value? Condition of case is good but clock needs inside repair I think. The glass is not broke or cracked. Hey it could be a fake for all I know I bought a it at a yard sale for 2 bucks. Can u please help me out?

    • Unfortunately I can never give estimated values as I do this for a hobby and not as any type of expert. The only way to get a real value is to take it to an expert.

      The year is right but to make the most money from it, better if it was working. Highly unlikely that the case is gold and probably gold plated. Any jeweler will be able to tell you and there should be a hallmark stamp if it is.

  18. I found a #30073993 Elgin watch in the garage. The glass is missing and is in rough shape. There is another number on the inside of the screw cap #3963043? Any idea on a value. It might be worth more for the gold? Help please thanks jeff

    • Hi Jeff,
      In that kind of shape you could probably sell it for parts. Ask any jeweller about the gold value though there were very few cases made from real gold as many were plated.

  19. i have a elgen watch that was handed down to me i would like to know if its worth getting fixed and how do i find out the background on the watch if there is on
    4678987 can you help

    • Hi Grace,

      The best place to start is with the serial number on the watch movement. Can you find out what that is and we can go from there?

  20. i have a elgin pocketwatch. it says 14k gold filled with the numbers 7613078 below.on the inside where the guts are it has another set of numbers 29228093 elgin natl watch co. u.s.a. 17 jewels. could you tell me anything about it.

    • Hi Mari Jane,
      Normally there will be 2 serial numbers on an Elgin watch. There is one on the case and there is also one on the internal movement. Can you let me know which serial number is on the actual movement and from that we should be able to find the year it was made which is a good starting point

      • Enda,
        I just took my Elgin 1927 pocket watch to a Watchmaker for cleaning. The SN on the actual moments is the SN you want to use. The SN on the case means nothing as the date of the watch.
        You can do a search on the internet for Elgin Watch SN data.
        Also a good Watchmaker or Jeweler put the dates of repair in side the watch

  21. I have an Elgin pocket watch with the serial number 9986011 which I think dates it around 1900. On the movement it states it is 7 jewels but also says “Safety pinion”. Just wondered if you could tell me what this means.

    I don’t think the watch is gold, only gold plated. On the casing is gives the number 6463273 with the name J Boss guaranteed 20 years. Do you have any information about this?

  22. What can you tell me about this watch.

    My father, born in 1908 said he received this silver watch from his father on his 16th birthday. The movement SN is #26961313 and engraved Elgin Nat’l watch co USA, 15 jewels.

    The face reads “ELGIN” and underneath it appears to be a name with the first letter, MI of the names in red. The last names appear to be Jxxxx G. Scheixxxxx but hard to read.

    The case SN is 4248733 and reads: Elgin Giant watch case co. Elgin USA. Guaranteed 14K gold filled double stock pride, is silver in color

  23. I have today become the proud owner of a gold Elgin Pocket Watch, #29105552, which I believe is a size 12, 17 jewel open face movement, grade 345, made in 1927.
    I don’t know what any of this means, but I love the watch (I was born in Elgin, Scotland so was naturally drawn to it!).
    I have no intention of selling, but does anyone know an approximate value, as local jewellers charge £45 for a valuation, and don’t know if this will be more than the watch is worth, or not!!! Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.
    PS: Love the website!

  24. I have a pocket watch I am trying to get information on. This was my late father-in-law’s he use to repair and collect watches. I opened the back of the case and the serial number is 3143685. I hope I am looking at the corret number this is on the inner workings not the gold case number (that number is 1114021)It is working quite well. Can you give me some info on this please. I get confused and don’t understand how you know the jewels, movement, class, grade, model. Please help. Thanks

  25. I have a Elgin pocket watch that needs a little repair, but I believe it would be very worth while to sell it at this time. It was purchased at Providence WC. Co. it is a 7-jewel pocket watch with beautiful engraving art. The keystone watch case looks like gold as all the workings inside it’s a double opening case with a engraved watch back that also opens to the works of the watch. Roman numeral watch face with a smaller round second hand to mark the seconds. the case # is 6991816 I believe that will tell us some about this watch. 7-jewel reads 01816, serial # 10456752, out side rim # on beautiful artwork around the rim reads 46752. Hope you will get back to me on this one my Dad was in WW11 when he shot a German officer and found this watch on him thinking it was a American soldier he shot to obtain the watch. Thank You and Please get back to me, about the story on this watch’s worth.
    Mr. Alan Queen

  26. I have an Elgin SN N11300 in original box with keys. It was my Great Gandfather’s watch.

    I can’t find reliable information on possible value. It is in very good condition. I would like to find a place in St. George, UT to get it looked at and some small things done like getting the crystal put back on it and cleaned and oiled so I can see if it works.

    Thank you in advance.


  27. Hi, I have a Elgin director with hunter case 14k gold the serial number states it was made in 1895. the watch is in like ne condition has a plastic case it was kept in. the only problem which I caused opening it was the glass lens fell off and broke. I am looking to maybe sell it but would like it to have a good home. I am thinking about getting an appraisal. would you know what the value of this time piece would be I have been told could be about $2000.00
    thanks for any help you could provide.

  28. I have several Elgin pocket watches I found in my deceased grandfather’s dresser…none of them have serial numbers on them…

  29. I have an Elgin pocket watch, serial number 1835904 and it’s a silverine as opposed to a silveroid. I don’t know if there is any relevance, can you help me please? There is a mark which looks like a capital letter I and it’s crossed, then 11 next to it. I should add that it’s a key wind watch and it has it’s key and it’s all in full working order.

    • First up the fact that it works well will certainly add to its value. I assume you mean a silverine case Alan?

  30. I have a Elgin pocket watch serial # 20168 made in 1868,size 18,7 jewels ,grade 55 ,10 caret gold. what do you think it’s worth roughly?

  31. I have an Elgin pocket watch with the serial number 1875655, dating it the year 1885. SN Range: 1870001, Quanty: 20000, Grade: *94, Size code: 6s h3g1l, Jewels: 11j, Class: 52. It is not in working order, however, the cases and all of it’s parts seem to be in excellent condition for it’s age. It does have a personal insignia engraved on the inside. I have searched the internet over and over and have yet to find anyone with this same pocket watch. Would anyone possibly be able to give me a rough estimate on the value of this watch? Thank you.

  32. Hi Enda. I would highly appreciate your estimation advise, i have got an Elgin gold plated watch series number 8140698, production between 1899-1900, grade 197, please advise whats the current value of it on the market? Regards. Fave

  33. My Elgin is from 1899. It keeps time perfectly and is in a keystone (?) gold-filled case. I’d love to know the value of this watch.

    • Hi Dan, with that age to your watch, it would be certainly a good idea to get a proper evaluation done. It sounds like a great watch.

  34. Hello, I have a Ladies Elgin pocket watch. The serial number 17262437 is on the movement inside the hunter case. I believe it is gold filled due to tarnish marks inside the case. I looked it up and it appears to be maybe 1912 but my father was under the impression it was a ladies 1899 double aught or ought at the time he purchased it… How do I find out? Thank you!

  35. My dad is selling his collection of antique pocket watches. Where do I start to get fair market value? He has one that even has the original chain with a key. Thanks!

    • Hi Pamela, a really good place to start is eBay and see if you can find similar watches that you have in your collection. That will give you an approximate idea of value. Check for ones that have sold though, rather than what people are asking for them. Once you get an idea, then find out where your nearest auction house is and take your collection to them. They should be able to advise you what you could expect to get should you take them to auction.

  36. Hello,

    I recently acquired an antique Elgin pocket watch from my uncle. the serial number is 252289. I have had a few people tell me it from 1874-75. However (if I read your chart correctly) it is an 1873-1874?? Also, how could I go about determining the value? Thank you ahead of time for your help!!

    • Hi Clark…you have indeed read my chart correctly and it is most likely 1874. Sadly I can not help with a specific value as I would need to have the watch in my hand to be able to do that. It depends on a whole number of factors. I did an article on the site about appraising the value and you will see there that it depends on condition, if it is working, etc. It is certainly worth money and you could check locally if there are any trustworthy jewellers who could offer you an appraisal.


    Duh, the writer of this website CLEARLY SAYS THEY CANNOT TELL YOU



    AND IF THEY SAY YEAH IT IS VALUED AT LIKE $500, then great, you won’t sell it

    I HAVE TWO ELGIN WATCHES, I HAD THEM REPAIRED ONE COST ME $28 bucks, the other watch cost me $300

    So, do your homework on your own dime & time……get your watch fixed professionally, and enjoy owning a wonderful piece of history.


    • Thanks Brian, I truly can never offer a value, and even if I had the watch in my hand right now, the value could never be certain. It is almost always valued at what someone is willing to pay for it. That can vary a lot and it is impossible to value any antique over the Internet, even with pictures.

  38. I have an Elgin pocket watch serial number 27244660.
    Production Year :1925
    Size : 12s
    Jewels : 15 jewels
    Grade : 315
    Model : 3
    Class : 114
    Run Quantity : 8000
    Production Dates : 1903 to 1939
    Total Grade Production : 1033900
    Movement Configuration : Open Face
    Movement Setting : Pendant Wind and Set
    Movement Finish : Nickel Damaskeening
    Plate : 3/4 Plate
    Barrel : Going Barrel
    Adjusted : No
    Wondering the value. Runs beautifully. Thanks.

    • Terrell, Did you ever get a value for your watch? Just a few days ago I inherited almost the identical watch but produced in 1926. Watch info identical to yours except production numbers differed slightly. My watch runs perfectly and is easy to wind but does not appear to be able to be set. Love to know the value estimate you received for yours.

  39. I have a 1901 Elgin watch. It is Serial Number 9437668

    This information I pasted from another from another website and need to know the value of the watch as it doesn’t work and there is a crack in the face of it. I have the metal case that it came in.

    Serial Number SN Range Quanty Name Year grade size code jewels Adj/reg/etc.
    ————– ——– —— —- —- —– —- —— —— ————
    9437668 9437001 3000 1901 232 12s h3n2p 7j

    grade total runs first yr last yr class size code jewels Adj/name
    —– —– —– ——– ——- —– —- —— —— ———-
    232 67000 34 1899 1903 87 12s h3n2p 7j

    Class 87: 12s HC 3/4 pend model 2
    232 67000 made 7j
    233 28700 made 15j
    253 11000 made 7j gilded
    259 8300 made 15j

    Thank You Billie

  40. I have a elgin watch serial number 16784257 it also says elgin natl watch corp usa underneath the serial number.

    Can someone tell me the value and year it was made?????

    Help please



  41. revised, actually the 1903 elgin says b.w raymound on the movement and is 19 jewels not 18 jewels in gold case
    with the engraving to the crockett railroad owner in east texas in early 1900’s what is that worth about??

  42. I have a Elgin Pocket watch Serial Number 12475701. It was made somewhere between 1903-1927.Excellent working condition. It also has an antique watch fob. I want to sell it but don’t know the best method.
    Any direction you can give me will be appreciated.
    Gary Larson

  43. I have a Elgin Pocket Watch 15 jewel 1904 serial number is 11001027 , I think they only made 2000 of this particular watch. IT belong to my mother’s father, he got it from his father back in 1905.

  44. I’ve just been handed down from my father an Elgin Natl watch co . Serial # 5328060 pocket watch. It’s silver case with a raised glass face , Roman numeral numbers with 2nd hand 180* from top, its key wound and not sure how to set time, inside is gold with an adjuster to set the speed for accuracy. It’s in very good condition since its beeb hanging in a dome display case since I was a young child. I believe my father acquired it during WW2 but not sure on that. I have its key also. Since the recent loss of my father I’ve been struggling with most everything and I’m curious what its value might be for personal info to weather or not I should squire insurance on it. I appreciate any info you can possibly help me with. Thank you for your time on any info about this watch…. Randy

  45. I have 3, 2”round, 3/4”tall, brass parts containers that say Elgin National Watch co. on them. Do you have a value of these?

  46. I found a elgin silver watch with European hallmarks in the back case.
    but this watch has U.S.A under the elgin on the face. I have not seen another watch with this. Is this rare?

    Thanks for the help

  47. I have a Elgin silver 15 jewel pocket watch. Both sides screw on. Serial number is 15916800. It works perfect. It’s in good condition. No dents or anything like that. Just scratches. Can u please let me know what u would give for something like this. Thank you.

  48. Thanks for the article!

    I just bought an Elgin gold filled S/N 10438144 so I would assume pre 1930 but not sure about the date. The “winder” is a bit flat and the ring around fancy. I am new to this but I would assume is 1910-1925 (?).

    All seems to be working fine and keeps the time very well.. but I am not sure how to set up the time i.e. should I “pull” the “winder” key?.. I have carefully put pull force on it and it does not click/pop.. I do not want to damage it so I prefer to ask.

    I will appreciate your input.

    Kind regards



  50. I have ELGIN• 18s 11j Grade 10 HUNTING CASE Pocket Watch

    Can any one tell me what Nice, Heavy, Full Hunter in a Case by GWW & Co. #93147 ?

    Tried to look up GWW and had no luck

  51. I have a question concerning an Elgin watch that was my grandmothers. The serial number is 19369242. Based on the attachment to case I am not sure if this was originally designed to use a band, a chain or perhaps a pin which would attach to clothing. Case also has a number of 2068905 and labeled Warranted B & B PEER 20 years…if that helps. Is there any way to find out exactly how this watch was originally designed to wear.

  52. is engraved with initials w.a.m any ideas? and a worth?
    Elgin Serial Number 5906625

    Grade: 117
    Size: 6
    Jewels: 7
    Year: 1895
    Class: 56
    Model: 2
    Finish: Gold gilded
    Adjusted: Unknown
    Named for: None
    Description: Elgin serial number 5906625, grade 117, 6 size, 7 jewels, made about 1895.
    Hunter case movement. Pendent wind and set. Three-quarter plate design.
    Rate: 18,000 bph (beats per hour)
    Serial Numbers in Grade 117: 345000
    Production: 1891 to 1899

  53. I have an Elgin pocket watch in very good condition that still works and keeps good time. The s/n is 6781343 which says it was made in 1896 or 1897 and has a grade of 117 with jewels and size 6 gilded gold Hunter case. Any information about the value would be appreciated. I see that 345,000 were made so that would probably reduce its value. But it’s in great condition. Thanks.

  54. I have a Elgin pocket watch with a hunting dog on the outer case, both sides. S.N. 7714663 , Quanty-1000,year -1898,grade-185, size-16s, code-h3g6p, jewels-15J,…… This watch was in my Grandfathers belongings that was left to me. Just need to see its worth. Should I insure it? I would never get rid of it , no matter the value. Plz help.

    • Hi Annette, most jewellers should be able to give you an insurance vale for a small fee. I am glad you will never get rid of it. Memories are precious

  55. I have a Elgin Pocket Watch S/N 10380467 in excellent working condition, Movement says 15 jewel movement. Case says WINDSOR guaranteed 20 years BWC CO 2582. There are other markings in the case, but hard to discern. Can you give me a value range

    • Hi Dave I can never offer a value as I would need to actually see the watch. It does really depend on so many things. Check my article on watch appraisal as that should help

  56. hi, your article are very informative. I have an elgin open faced.working..in good condition..removed back there is inscription as it was gifted to my great great grandfather Eugene Van Logan.. capt in military and Texas Ranger initials E.L. are engraved on outside back piece..i also have the chain..

  57. Hello. I’m thinking of buying a 1903 Walham small pocket watch from someone. The two numbers I have are 9240938 and 12420019. Philadelphia watch case co. It works. How much is it worth?

  58. I, like most people on here, also have an ELGIN pocket watch. I recently purchased this beautiful piece at an estate auction. I will not disclose the price I paid for such a beauty, however,I would like to know any information I could. The serial number is 28310790,size 16s,7 jewels,grade 291, class 110, production year 1925, open face, pendant wind and set. I would like to know what this all means, and an estimated price on what it might be worth. Thank you.

  59. I have come across a non working 1899 14k 61.24g Elgin pocket watch, serial # 9065518.
    Would appreciate any more information on approx value and where I might go to sell it.
    Thank you

  60. Hi just curious, we have received a Elgin pocket watch, and from what we can work out the date is 1887ish, inside serial number 27024***, but what confuses me in the mechanical movement there is a fast slow adjustment lever, which isn’t present on others that I’ve seen pictures off, would this be right for the date

    Thank you

  61. I have a old pocket watch the front has elfin Nat inside the back it has b w Raymond an 3741121 can you help me find out what it’s worth it runs but one of the hands is missing

  62. Thank you Elgin staff for this article. Knowledgeable and when read thoroughly the instructions are clear.

    For everybody commenting with “whats my pocket watch worth” – If you read the article – and literally the hundreds of responses – they ARE NOT EQUIPPED TO GIVE VALUE.


  63. I was left an 1891 Elgin pocket watch by my grandfather ser #4415377 in perfect working condition. It came in a John C. Dueber Silverine case with Dueber’s certificate of Mfg and stamp in the back of the case. Inside the inner (2nd) back case is stamped “8 41 25” and this appears also on the rim of the inner (2nd) back case. Above that appears to be the number 2 or 3. Any idea what this could be worth?

  64. I have an Elgin pocket watch that has a # stamped in two places on the case #158972 . On the inside of the “works” s/n 5545450 . Made of coin silver with the words FAHYS and Monarch stamped below it . This appears to be a plain movement with no jewels . My guess is it’s a working man’s watch and not worth a lot of money . And yes, it works just fine and keeps accurate time . Just wondering when this was made.

  65. I have Elgin pocket watch by my grandfather, is engraved with initials G.M any ideas? Would appreciate any more information on approx value.
    Thank you.

    Elgin Serial Number : 7383643
    Production Year :1898
    Size : 18s
    Jewels : 7 jewels
    Grade : 179
    Model : 5
    Run Quantity : 3000
    Production Dates : 1897 to 1899
    Total Grade Production : 117000
    Movement Configuration : Open Face
    Movement Setting : Pendant Wind and Set
    Movement Finish : Nickel Damaskeening
    Plate : Full Plate
    Barrel : Going Barrel
    Adjusted : No
    Marked For : Atlas, Acme, Solar, Sun Dial

  66. Grade: 96
    Size: 18
    Jewels: 7
    Year: 1889
    Class: 6
    Model: 2-4
    Finish: Gold gilded
    Adjusted: Unknown
    Named for: None
    Rate: 18,000 bph (beats per hour)
    I’d like to known the value of this elgin watch. Many thanks.

  67. I absolutely appreciate your writeup, I have been the grandchild to more or less acquire all of my grand parents belongings when they pass being that I’m the only living relative in state, I was rearranging the garage when I came across (based on an online search) a beautiful 1933 (ser #34271993) open face watch with some beautifully intricate detailing. I wish I could post a few images on here. I have absolutely no history on it but will be looking to get it cleaned up since it’s in perfect working order.

  68. I have acquired a 1932 elgin 14k filled 12s 15 jewel pocket watch s/n #33784692 was wondering its approximate value

  69. I have acquired a 1932 elgin 14k filled double stock with 931w really small scratched inside back cover whimm’s cases company it looks like 12s 15 jewel pocket watch s/n #33784692 cases #9291047 was wondering its approximate value

  70. Yes i have a elgin watch ,i got from my grandfather the no. Is 15581811it has houses on it ! It dont wind up anymore but still nice thou! Could you tell me how i could get it fixed and worth of it ! I also have a NY standard watch co smaller watch no.1025488 also dont work ! Has A small house on one side !

  71. I have a 15 jewel Elgin pocket watch serial number 13744650 that runs perfect how can I determine the value

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