Elgin Pocket Watch Repair

I have had quite a few requests about Elgin pocket watch repair. The Company itself went out of business in 1964 so there is no chance of getting a repair done there.

There is a company called Renaissance Watch Repair who actually specialise in repairing and restoring antique watches.  They also purchase at good rates old Elgin pocket watches. They do offer you a good price for them. I would certainly recommend checking them out.

There is also another chap called Jeff Sexton who does antique watch repairs. You can drop Jeff an email to jsexton@elgintime.com and he will be able to help you out. I sent Jeff an email and he said he would be happy to see if he could help with any repairs on your Elgin watch.

Elgin Pocket Watch Repair Explained

Never ever just send your watch to any company and that is by their own recommendation. You need to sen them an email with some details of your watch. This should include a description and what repair you are looking for. For example a cracked face, broken winder etc. The reason for this is pretty simple as a general rule. There are enough con artists out there and this company, like any good reputable company, are covering both their own interests and your best interests.

Wait for a reply before sending the watch. The reason for this is that they can’t repair all pocket watches as in some cases that don’t have the Elgin pocket watch parts. Give them as much Elgin watch information as you can as this allows them to give you a better estimate of cost.

If possible include the Elgin pocket watch serial numbers, (case and movement) and if you have had it valued include the Elgin pocket watch value of your watch. Please note when you get an evaluation done always ask for two evaluations:

  1. The actual value of your watch
  2. The insurance value of your watch (How much would it cost to get replaced)

Once you get the reply back from this company then and only then can you send them your watch. Check out their website for more details. This will ensure that you get a good repair on your Elgin pocket watch.

There are modern Elgin watches of course and these can be fixed at most good jewellers as they are typically modern mechanisms. Any good watch maker can also fix a modern watch so you should not have too much difficulty getting your watch fixed. Again I would strongly urge you to ensure they are a reputable company and always ask for a quotation before agreeing to any work being done on your watch.

Elgin Pocket Watch Cleaning

You can also get your pocket watch serviced and/or cleaned. Again get this done by specialists as you don’t want to risk damaging your watch. The case can be professionally cleaned and the movement can also be cleaned. Many watch makers will not remove dust etc as it can actually cause problems with the movement. You also don’t want to lose the important antique look of your watch.

The service is a lot more complex and should only ever done by a watch maker who will offer you a guarantee of their work. Make sure you get that in writing! A service like this means dismantling your watch and re-building it so can be an expensive thing to get done. Getting this done will improve your Elgin watch value for certain.

I have seen so many watches ruined by people trying either to repair or clean them and it is a huge mistake to attempt this yourself. even with all the proper equipment it is risky, but without them it is a disaster.  Applying the wrong cleaning fluid or oil to an antique pocket watch can be a huge mistake.

The above video shows just how difficult this can be and this chap clearly knows what he is doing. You need a cool head and a steady hand to get to this level of Elgin pocket watch repair.

I have also shown below a favourite video of mine about how to clean a pocket watch.  It is very informative but unless you have these type of skills then take it to someone who is an expert in this.

Now you see why I don’t do an Elgin pocket watch repair or clean it myself. I will of course do some of the very basic maintenance but other than that I prefer to leave it to the experts in that field.

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2 thoughts on “Elgin Pocket Watch Repair

  1. I have a question that I hope can be answered. I have a Elgin 16s, made in 1941, spade hands, blued.
    The hour hand needs to be replaced. Would the hole size be the same, as long as it was for a 16s?
    I have been trying to find an answer, but, as yet, unable to. Help?

  2. I have my Grandfathers Elgin pocket watch that I would like to be refurbished … I have pictures but I don’t see anywhere to attach them … can i get a phone number to call you

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