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I thought I would add a post about Elgin Pocket Watch cases and explore these just a little more.  The true intrinsic value of a pocket watch actually sits within the movement of the watch. However, for me anyway, the first thing that catches my attention is the actual case.

Of course when I get my hands on it I want to get into the movement. That does not deter from the fact that the first instant attraction is always the case. There are some fascinating designs on many pocket watch cases, and they differ over the years and makes of watches.

Elgin Pocket Watch Cases – Hunter Style Elgin Watches

The Hunter case is one of my own personal favourites. I can pick it out from a very long distance and if I see one then I home straight in on it. For many, opening this case is a bit of a test and you should do this with care.  Have a quick look at this video and you will see what I mean. There is something just pretty special about a Hunter pocket watch.

Now you know how to open it properly, and as the video states don’t allow it to spring all the way back. If you do it is a bit of a disaster as the spring will break.  If you do want to remove the case, I actually recommend a stiff plastic spatula. You will notice in the video the metal angled knife this chap uses.  A softer spatula would greatly reduce any chance of scraping or damaging the casing.

Gold Hunter Case

I have added another video below for the Elgin pocket watch gold hunter case which is also interesting to view. This one shows a very brave person who dismantled the watch and put it back together again.  Unless you know what you are doing, don’t even go there.

I can do what would be classed minor repairs. I have only attempted these on very cheap watches.  My eyesight isn’t that great but even with a table magnifying glass the smallest job can still prove to be rather tricky. If you are looking to have an Elgin watch repaired, then please check out my watch repair article.

Elgin Pocket Watch – Ornamental Style

This quick video shows a 17 jewel 1925 Elgin watch. Yet again it is the case that I would personally buy this watch for.  The ornamental work on this case alone is simply stunning as you can see in the video below.

Dueber Watch Case

This very short final video shows the Dueber case with a very fine movement.

The best place I have found to buy Elgin pocket watch cases is on eBay. You can also buy other Elgin parts. These would include shipping tins, pushers, hard cases. pocket watch chains, timer cases, open face cases and various unique cases in both silver and gold.

If you are new to this then my advice is to watch a few auctions and the bidding process.  Many sellers on eBay and other auction sites seem to think that they can ask a lot of money if something is thought of as an antique.

I have found that they typically want to over charge. It is much better to play the waiting game and avoid any bidding wars. If you do this then you will be able to pick up good value cases for your antique Elgin pocket watch.

Just avoid getting drawn in. If you ever watch shows like Pawn Wars or any of those auction type shows on TV, you will know that owners, always expect to get a really high value for their product. It often takes them some time to come to the reality, that the watch is only worth what someone is actually willing to pay for it.

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  1. HI I’m Eli and I would like to share a find with you. I read your article in detail and found out that I have a Elgin man’s pocket watch circa 1922. I research and found that only 2000 of these particular watches were made. I did find one picture of the watch but couldn’t find any more. I was hoping that you would be able to tell me about this one.

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