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I have been asked so many questions about the Elgin gold pocket watch value. I thought I would try and help as much as I possibly can.  There is no way that I can give anyone an exact or accurate value for a watch as that can only be done a full and detailed evaluation.

To do that you need to have the pocket watch in your hand/ That allows a full examination of the condition of the watch. Normally the initial check determines if it is working or not. After that we then start to investigate such things as the serial number on the movement.

From that we can determine the age of the watch. All of these will eventually determine the true value of your watch, and the prices vary greatly from $25 to thousands of dollars.

The Elgin antique watch is like any antique. The general principle the older it is then the more value it will have.  If it is in working order then this will also increase its value.  Similarly if it is in excellent condition then the value will increase.  If it is in its original box the value will increase, And finally, if it has associated paper work then the value will also increase.

Gold Value

Most Elgin gold pocket watches are 14K or 18k gold. Your worst case scenario is that you have the actual gold value. Right now gold has a very high buying price so at least you will have the value of that.

It is around $51K a kilo for gold at the moment and that is a really good price. I have never seen gold as high as it is now and that is always your fall back position.

I have advised people visiting my website to check the watch serial number on the movement to determine the age. A few people have asked me how you do this. Have a look at the video below as this lady gives an excellent appraisal of how you go about checking your own watch.

Lord Elgin

The important thing about any Lord Elgin gold pocket watch is that there are two serial numbers. As you can see from the video the one in the case has actually no relevance to the value of your watch.

The only one you should look at is the serial number on the movement. It is that which will determine the year your antique watch was actually made.  Then click on the serial number link above and you can find out the year and how many were made in that year.

After that it will come down to the condition and if it is a working model.  The lady in the video stated her watch was valued at $450 and she is spot on. Always remember there are many variants in a market and they all depend on supply and demand.  These vary from time to time and always go up when the economy is good.

So to summarise the following are important:

  • Age
  • Gold Type
  • Number of Jewels
  • Type Of Movement
  • Working Condition
  • Actual Condition
  • Original Box
  • Original Papers
  • Market Supply and Demand

I would also recommend reading my article on Elgin pocket watch appraisal as that will give you some really good methods of evaluating your Elgin gold pocket watch.

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7 thoughts on “Elgin Gold Pocket Watch

  1. I found an ELGIN pocket watch. # 5134953 is the # on the inside of the case where the mechanical parts are. # 693254 is on the inside of the closure cover. If you can provide me any information about this watch I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your information. Gerrie Lorelli

    • Hi Gerrie,

      The important serial number is the one on the movement. Is that 693,254? If so the year it was made is 1879 so a really old Elgin

  2. i have an Elgin pocket watch 14k solid gold the movement is gold and says Elgin natl. watch co. serial #2165217
    its beutifly ingraved a farm house on one side enitials AR on the other side and flowers all around it ,On the lid it states,B,W,C,Co. warrented 14 k serial #379334 It works greated and is in perfict condition .what year is it and its approx, worth

  3. hello im paul , I own a elgin pocket watch in perfect condition I got from my grandfather
    serial number 7029385 checked the table and in was made around 1895 .would like to unload to a collector
    I live in northvale n.j 07647

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