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On this website I deal mainly with antique Elgin watches. I did notice though that there are still Elgin watches for men available in the market. So I thought I would look a little bit closer at these. To my surprise I discovered that quite a number of these existed.

Now clearly these are not made by the original Elgin company as that is now closed down. That’s why I wanted to dig a little more into who was producing these under the brand.

Does The Elgin Brand Still Exist?

After researching around I found a few product descriptions which are rather interesting. Have a look at the picture below which I found on the Amazon website and you will see what I mean.

Elgin Watches for Men

Now as far as I know Elgin stopped trading around 1964. Yet here we have someone trading under the “Elgin” brand. In fact it states very clearly the following:

“Elgin’s premiere craftsmanship, exceptional styling and unparalleled value have made Elgin one of the most successful American watch brands of all time. For generations, Elgin products have been a part of a family tradition.”

That is certainly news to me in that someone is still trading under that brand name. It must be legal enough otherwise they would not be able to advertise like this. As it turns out they have a few different styles available. You can also see that at first glance, they actually do look to be good quality.

They do however have nothing to do with the old antique Elgin watches that we look at on this website.

It is also close to impossible to track down who now owns this Elgin brand.

I have reviewed below a few of my favourite looking watches in the new range.

Elgin Men’s FG 131 Bracelet Watch

elgin mens bracelet watchThis one gets really good reviews. I also think we can all probably agree that it does have a nice appearance to it. You can clearly see the Elgin name on the black dial. In additions the hands are easy to see. If I had to complain it is a bit over done with the crystal accents. A few less around the face, would have made it look a little more sophisticated in my opinion.

This one would work well as a dress watch though. I don’t believe it would not be something that you would wear everyday to work. You can read more details on this one by clicking here.

Elgin FM486 Men’s Gold-Tone Diamond Watch

This one also gets good reviews by buyers at Amazon.

It is a bracelet style watch with a rectangular face. The bezel is gold plated as is the actual band material. I think the black face looks pretty good on this one.

elgin FM486As I said it gets good reviews. Quite a number of buyers mentioned the number of comments they get about their watch selection. I think this one in terms of value for money is well worth it. It looks good and it feels good as well. All things considered, it certainly looks the part.

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