Antique Elgin Pocket Watch Values

Discovering the various values of an antique Elgin pocket watch is not always an easy thing to achieve. These watches were made over a full 100 year period and in that time, many different types were made. They were made from different materials, with different movements, by different makers and many then had custom made cases.

Right at the beginning only the movements were made by the company. Rich owners would than have taken these to a jeweller to have a case designed for their own preference. The more elaborate the case, the bigger sign of wealth by the owner.

Trying to get an accurate value is quite difficult simply because of all the factors above. When you add into that, the condition of the watch, if it is working or not, and things like is there any way of authenticated the piece, then you can see just how difficult this can be.

The only way to be absolutely certain is to take it to an approved evaluator. Once they have the watch in their hands they will be able to give you a really good indication of value. Here is a good article on how to evaluate a watch generally.

Two Types of Watch Values

Just remember that there are two distinctive value types when you are assessing your antique watch. You will have a “sell” value and also an insurance value. The sale value is simply what the market is willing to pay for it. This market will typically be watch collectors, antique shop owners and various bidders both off line and online. You could also have collectors of old railway items interested in the older watches.

Insurance value is the amount an Insurance company believes it would take to replace our watch if it was damaged, stolen etc (That will depend on the type of policy that you have) It is typically a higher value than a sale’s value and is sometimes simply called a replacement value. This can be a difficult one to ascertain and usually Insurance companies will want to see an independent evaluation.

Either way if you believe that your antique Elgin pocket watch may be valuable it is certainly worthwhile having it insured or seeing how much you should expect to get from it, if it went on the market.

When & Where To Sell An Antique Watch

Demand and supply and the state of the economy are all difficult to figure out. Let’s deal with the economy first. In deep recessions money is saved rather than spent and this is especially true in the Antiques and Collector’s markets. Someone with cash who would spend when times are good will not do this when the economy is fragile or in decline. Avoid any type of recessionary period if you can.

Also avoid general auctions as a rule. You want to try and target the places where watch collectors go and online specialist auctions are the place to go. Do a quick search on Google and you will find them. Personally I would want to know the approximate value before placing one on there for sale. Places like eBay are good to check as you can see what other people with Elgin watches are pricing their products at.

Be aware though that typically these are over priced and usually sell for much less. It nonetheless gives you a good idea of the type of figure you are talking about. Elgin pocket watches vary a lot in price from a few dollars to some thousands of dollars. You should always get an idea of approximate or potential value first.

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22 thoughts on “Antique Elgin Pocket Watch Values

  1. I have an Elgin men’s pocket watch s/n 22266887 in excellent condition. It came to me via my husband’s grandfather. It has an 8″ chain attached. It is engraved with the initials of his grandfather (which also are my husband’s initials) on the front of the case. It works well as we keep it wound. If you could give me a valuation of this watch, it would be most welcome. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Any information on a Elgin pocket-watch serial# 14207316, 5355719 and 36682690 got all three at an estate sale. Thanks in Advance for any information.

  3. Appreciate knowing the approximate value. Serial # 293075 in pewter case in good working order with chain and key. Initial info. says it is a George M. Wheeler, Advance. Supposedly made between 1867 to 1876. I would say it’s in excellent condition.

  4. I have a 17 jewel Elgin pocket watch serial number 12021671 the case it’s in is 14 k and the serial# in it is 430092k . Can anyone tell how much it’s worth?

  5. Has to be historical value here. Ball park interest?

    Elgin, RR pocket. #160 B.W. Raymond. The 60th Elgin out of 60 million. Boggles my mind. Not running.

    Elgin. 1867, 18s, B.W. Raymond, Grade 69, Model 1, Class 1. Hunter Case, key wind, key and chain present. Physical condition looks good. Actually used as RR watch by engine driver so case shows wear. Perhaps Burlington. Great grandfather carried it, as driver, on the first train west across the Ohio River. However, oral history. Those with the certain knowledge and particulars are now deceased. fj



  7. I have a elgin vintage pocket watch SN # 9057305 it has 15 jewels it in mint condition works great I’m trying to sell it I know I won’t get what I want for it but something close to it would be help full can someone please help me find a buyer ty

  8. Hello, I have inherited a pocketwatch that my dad had, that he said he inherited from his grandfather. It has 119024, Elgin. (not Elgin co.), and J.V. Farwell inside on the time piece. National Watch Co on the face, Warranted Cold silver inside back of case with 0, then 8823 underneath. The front of the case has some type of shield in a circle with other markings. It is not functioning but I would love to have it valued and restored. We are currently stationed in Kansas. Could you please refer a trustworthy appraisal and repair company?

    • Mary, I would love to but I don’t know the area well enough to make a recommendation. Sounds like a beautiful watch though

  9. I have my grandfathers Elgin pocket watch – 03N7P circa 1924 #27920354. Runs great. I have pics but am interested in the value. Ballpark is fine. I know it is difficult without seeing the piece. I’m simply trying to get a best guess

  10. Dear Elgin Staff, Thank you for offering this service ! I’m investigating the worth of my great grandmother’s gold pocket watch for my mother. The Serial # is 132597; I think it’s solid gold and when I plugged those #’s in on another site…. all I got was confused :(. It seems to be working :). What is it worth working vs. not, please ? (roughly) . I’d love to put a smile on her face. My parents are downsizing to move and they are saying, “Good-bye” to most of their possessions and she could use some happy news ! Thanks again :))

  11. I have a 1896 octagon Elgin Watch serial number 6058001 Looking to understand the value. My dad had it in his dresser and I believe it was his fathers or his fathers fathers.

  12. I dont have a pocket watchI have
    I have a women’s wrist watch
    10k RGB
    BEZEL. S&w
    And it works fantastic as far as I know there is no cracks
    even works grandly

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