AMPM24 Bronze Pocket Watch Review

AMPM24 pocket watchThis is our review of the AMPM24 Bronze Men’s Dragon & Phoenix Dangle Pendant Pocket Quartz Watch. Yes I agree, quite a long name for a watch of any kind.

This particular model is part of their “Dragon Series.” Costing under $10 though, it is a very popular choice by buyers. I think what I like most about this is the “Retro look.”

For the price, the watch is really good value and certainly worth the small investment.

How Does the AMPM Work?

To open it up, you push in the top button. To set the actual time, gently pull out the wheel. You will then notice that the second hand stops. Nest you should set it to a minute ahead of the real time, when the real time catches up to the watch, then quickly push the wheel back in and the watch will start.

Most buyers say that it keeps good time. It runs off a battery, which is a 377A button cell. It is a small battery and to change it you will need to take the back off the watch.

Why People Buy This AMPM24 Pocket Watch?

The majority of people who buy this model, do so because they simply like the look of it. It is attractive and it is also functional. The quality of this pocket watch is very good, and especially so, given the price. The front panel has a lot of pretty cool detailing with the dragon and phoenix. Many buyers also commented on the etching around the perimeter of the case.

Buyers liked that is had a second hand. It does come with a chain, though you should be aware that this chain is pretty thin. It feels sturdy enough though. If you want a different one, then you can easily unclip the provided chain and get a different one. Most buyers thought the clip was strong and secure though.

Overall though, the watch is slightly on the smaller side. It is suitable for everyday use, though I am sure most buyers will just want to wear this from time to time.

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Summary of What the Buyers Say

All of them state that you do have to understand that this pocket watch costs under $10. You are not buying a high end watch, but just a pocket watch with a nice look to it. Over time it will start to show wear and tear. The spring to open this one up is pretty weak, when compared to more expensive models.

For the most part it will keep the time pretty well. Most buyers said they had to make a small time adjustment every 2-3 months. A few buyers complained about the pin that keeps the cover on slowly sliding out of place.That is however a  pretty common issue with most cheaper pocket watches though.

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For the most part, if you like the look of this, then go ahead and get it. It keeps the time pretty well, runs off a small battery and looks nice as a pocket watch. I would not recommend it for everyday use though, as it will show a lot of wear and tear. It is probably better for someone who wants a pocket watch for an occasion, or maybe for weekend wear.

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